Cost to Sod a New Lawn

The cost of sodding a new lawn is one of the crucial factors in making the choice between sodding and seeding. In order to make an informed decision one should also look at the advantages of sodding like quicker growth, lesser maintenance etc. combined with the sod cost to make a final choice.

What Determines Sod Cost?

To make a fair estimate of new sod cost may seem easy on paper as one may believe that it includes only a shovel and sod but it takes a lot more to be the proud owner of a lush sod lawn. It is important to note that the average cost of sodding a new lawn in Toronto may range around $1.30-$1.50 per square foot. Some vital factors that impact sod price are mentioned below:

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Size of The Area and Amount of Prep Required

The most relevant aspect of determining sod cost is the amount of area that needs to be covered and how much prep work it would require as it is best to lay new sod on a clean, weed-free lawn.

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Type of Sod and Soil

There are a number of sod varieties to choose from and the cost may fluctuate depending on your choice of sod and soil.

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Do-It-Yourself or Get a Professional

Laying new sod can possibly be done at home but it is always recommended to hire professionals to avoid inaccuracies and inconsistencies that may increase the overall cost.

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If you opt to install the sod yourself, there are other aspects that may influence the cost such as removal and disposal of old sod, type of fertilizer and cost of renting a sod roller to name a few.

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