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A beautiful yard will not only add to the wow factor of your home’s exterior, but it will increase the resale value of your property. However, a dried, patchy, weed infested lawn will have the exact effect. Sodding grass is a quick and easy way to replace an unsightly greenspace with a lush, healthy lawn.

Sod is professionally grown grass in the form of ready-to-install pieces. The roots of each turf are intertwined within a thin layer of soil or biodegradable material. Grass sod is sold in individual squares or rectangular rolls. Sodding in Newmarket is easy to install. The sections are applied evenly on top of level, moist dirt. When sod is first installed on your landscaping, the grass must be watered daily for at least two weeks to keep the dirt moist.

Sodding Benefits

Sodding Newmarket

There are numerous benefits to sodding a yard in Newmarket. The first and most obvious reason is time. Rather than wait weeks for your grass to grow, landscaping with grass turf gives you an instant lawn.

Because sod grass is thicker, it provides better insulation for your home. Sodding not only improves the temperature regulation in your home, it also improves the overall air quality.

Sodding a yard is more cost effective to irrigate. When grass turf is applied to your landscaping, watering should be done twice daily for up to two weeks to keep the ground moist.

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Grass seed requires water four times daily for up to four weeks so the seeds can germinate.

Sodding reduces your risks of above-ground flooding. The lush turf provides better absorption of water so you will have less run off water and sewer backups.

Sod in Newmarket helps maintain the health of the dirt around your home. Exposed dirt can erode, become too dusty or turn to unusable mud. By covering your dirt with sod rolls, you protect if from climate damage.

Why Choose Our Sodding Services

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At JHC Landscaping Services Inc, we have been in the business for almost 20 years. We are experts in sodding a yard in Newmarket. During the nearly two decades that we have been landscaping in Newmarket, we have built a reputation for our high quality service and professional excellence.

We are a fully insured and bonded company. When you book an appointment, you can feel secure knowing that we will be there on time and will do the landscaping to your complete satisfaction. This includes cleaning the area after we are finished so you are not left with an unsightly mess.

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During your free consultation, one of our expert lawncare professionals will review all your sodding grass options including the types of grass sod and post installation maintenance. We offer the most competitive prices in sod in Newmarket.

We offer 24/7 services so you can contact any time during the week and weekend to take care of your landscaping in Newmarket needs.

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