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Your front yard and property are valuable assets which you as a homeowner take pride in. With the help of professional landscaping designers, you can get the most from your living space, whatever your goals. Designers can help you enhance your curb appeal, create privacy, add colour or functionality through every means necessary. Here at JHC Landscaping we aim to help you transform your yard area into the oasis you’ve been dreaming of. We offer a variety of design services to help you with your goals.

Design and Create

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With the help of a professional landscaping team, you can create your ultimate yard. Before you start planning, think of your own needs as a homeowner. Are you willing to take care of heavy-maintenance plants and foliage, or do you want your yard to be as effortless as possible? Are you ready to sacrifice leg room for a front yard that will add curb appeal? Take in mind the budget you want to constrain your project in that your team should be aware of. Take these concepts and bring them to your meeting with the landscape architect, who will help you find the perfect balance between function and beauty; between living space and nature.

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There are a number of steps to the design process but the most important one you need to be aware of is your own idea for the yard. Start off with goals which you want to achieve. Maybe you want a new patio, or a complete re-do of your tree-line to obscure the neighbors; maybe you simply want the streamlined, easy to care for, weed-free yard which you can enjoy. Whatever the case, bring your goals to the first meeting along with your budget. Next, our professionals will start planning. When we have a sketch in mind, we will guide you through the reality of the plan.


During this time, you can change, add, take away and completely scrap the plan. If you’re not happy, we don’t start working. Before we begin any work we will provide you with detailed sketches, cost projection and time-frames in which the project will take place. Only when both sides have agreed do we take the reins and start working.


Our teams here at JHC Landscaping can create backyard entertainment and living spaces, poolscapes, patios, walkways and paths, interlocking driveways and walkways, irrigation systems, seeding and sodding, retaining walls, flower beds, grass dethatching and maintenance and all sorts of planting. We specialize in taking your ideas and making them a reality. Our team’s hands-on experience will aid you in undertaking the process of creating your dream yard-whatever it might be.

Adding and Removing Foliage

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Do you have dead grass you want to dethatch? Do you want to get rid of a tree that is obscuring the sunlight in your yard? Do you wish for a flower garden, but don’t have the green thumb or know how to cultivate it yourself? Say no more, JHC Landscaping has got what you need.

Professional grass dethatching is really the only way to get rid of old, dead grass which refuses to grow. In order to remove grass to get the area ready for aerating and or re-sodding. Using a machine, we can get rid of excess dead grass and help your lawn grow.


JHC Landscaping also offers tree planting and removal. We can remove old stumps or saw off portions of your tree which are getting in the way. Before you remove any trees, ensure you have the proper permissions for your property. If you have a particularly old tree which is in danger of causing harm to your home and property, we recommend that you remove problematic areas or the entirety right away, as your home is in danger of damage.
Our professional landscape crews are always happy to plant new trees and foliage according to your specifications.

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Our array of knowledge about plant life and horticulture will of particular use to you when selecting the kinds of plants you want to add to your garden or yard. We can advise you on the best kinds of growth for Ontario, as well as how to take care of your yard in the long run. In addition, we offer maintenance of our landscaping services and continuous care.

Maintaining the Finesse and Function of your Areas

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Maintaining your garden through the seasons is difficult, and time-consuming, which is why our landscaping services are offered year round. To maintain your yard or garden, we recommend regular upkeep such as trimming, raking, mowing and weeding.

JHC Landscaping offers regular maintenance of your yard and garden areas. We are knowledgeable about how to care for your plant life, lawn, trees and driveway, and will use our skills to keep your area looking great.
Offering both summer and winter maintenance, our crews are happy to help you keep your home’s curb appeal year round. Call us today with any project, large or small, for a free quote.

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To create your perfect garden and ensure the curb appeal of your home, read more on our blog.

Furthermore, our team is well equipped to undertake jobs of both residential and commercial scale, so give us a call for a free estimation and watch our mobile team will take care of your needs. You can call us at 416-779-6655 or send us an email at We look forward to your business!

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  • How much does it cost to design a landscape?

    The average price to hire a designer will cost you around $60 to $200 an hour, the average project will cost you between $2000 to $7000.

  • Does Landscaping increase property value?

    landscaping can give real estate properties a 5% to 15% increase in value and increase in curb appeal.

  • What time of year is best to landscape?

    Best time to start a landscaping project is in the months of April and May. if you start around this period your plants will have the opportunity to grow during the summer and the following season.

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