Irrigation Systems

JHC Landscaping Services have been Toronto’s most trusted irrigation system installers for 20 years. We create an irrigation system that reflects your residential or commercial needs with professional design and installation experts who provide you with expert advice.

Residential Sprinkler Systems

residential sprinkler systems done by JHC Landscaping

You want to feel confident knowing you are working with a team of lawn irrigation experts who understand the evolving lawn care needs of homeowners. Weather, climate change, and lawn use can all affect your water needs. We specialize in helping homeowners create lawn and gardening water systems that keep your landscape looking lush and healthy.

We also provide landscape and decorative sprinkler system installation for lawns, pond systems, and water features on your property. We use the latest lawn irrigation technology and supplies designed to create a beautiful-looking lawn while minimizing water consumption.

Commercial Sprinkler Systems

You take pride in your business so you want to ensure that the landscape around your property looks its best for both employees and visitors. As a professional irrigation company, we have the expertise to create commercial sprinkler systems for large and small properties that fit your budget and brand expectations. From stunning water features to traditional sprinklers, JHC Landscaping Services can handle any irrigation installation or irrigation repairs for your business.

Sprinkler System Installation

JHC Landscaping Services is more than just an irrigation company. Our team also has years of landscaping expertise that allow you to create a sprinkler system that suits your water needs.

  • Lawns
  • Gardens
  • Hanging Plants
  • Sports fields
  • Golf courses
  • Green roofs

We offer complete sprinkler system installation from digging trenches to installing sprinkler lines above and below ground. We ensure that your property is receiving the right amount of water to avoid pooling or overconsumption.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

JHC Landscaping Lawn Sprinker Irrigation Services

JHC Landscaping Services not only install your sprinkler system but offers ongoing maintenance and service so you can feel confident that your lawn always looks great.

We open your system in the spring, making sure that it is functioning properly and fixing any necessary repairs. Later in the year, we close your system and prepare it for the winter, protecting it from freezing or damage. Throughout the year we can do regular system inspections to make sure that lines are open and working efficiently.

Drip Irrigation System

Did you know there are alternatives to a traditional lawn sprinkler system? Drip Irrigation systems offer advanced lawn watering technology that ensures the proper water and nutrients are present at all times. Water is released slowly so that it is absorbed properly and there is no pooling.

A drip irrigation system enhances the look of your landscape by maximizing your lawn’s growth potential, by ensuring that hard-to-water green spaces receive the right amount of water.

 Drip Irrigation systems for landscape

Why Choose Us?

Our team of lawn irrigation design and installation experts at JHC Landscaping Services works with you to ensure that your irrigation system provides the coverage and water volume you need to maintain a healthy landscape.

Contact us today to discuss your irrigation system needs and let us create an efficient and effective design for your landscape.

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