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Sodding a lawn is an efficient way to create a beautiful landscape around your residential property. Lush, healthy grass not only adds to the visual appeal of your home, but it also increases your property’s resale value.

Sod is pieces of pre-grown grass that is laid overtop your leveled moist dirt. The roots of grass turf are intertwined with a layer of dirt or biodegradable material to keep the grass together and healthy before planting.

Sodding grass comes in square pieces or rectangular roles so it can be easily cut to fit your yard space. Because the grass is already pre-grown at a sod farm, the grass is thicker. Turf comes in different grass types to suit your region’s climate and personal needs.

When your sodding in Woodbridge is first installed, you must water it regularly for a couple of weeks so the soil underneath stays moist.

Sodding Benefits

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There are several benefits why you should consider sodding your yard in Woodbridge. The first and most obvious is time. Applying turf to your landscaping gives you an instant greenspace. Unlike seeding that can take weeks to grow, sod is pre-grown so the results are immediate.

Sodding a yard is thicker than using grass seed so your soil will stay healthier. Sod products your yard’s original dirt from the changing elements so your soil will not become too dusty, muddy or erode.

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Sodding provides better insulation to your home so you will have better air quality and temperature control inside your house.

Sodding a lawn is also more cost effective and environmentally friendly. Once turf is laid, it only requires daily watering for up to two weeks. Grass seed needs to be watered four times daily for a month before you see results. This is not only hard on your wallet, but it requires far more water than necessary.

When landscaping in Woodbridge, applying sod looks beautiful. A lush green, healthy grassy area looks a lot better than a sparse, patchy, weed filled lawn.

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We have been landscaping in Woodbridge for almost 20 years. During that time, we have built a reputation for our superior, high quality service and commitment to professional excellence. We go above and beyond to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with their sodding installation.

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One of our expert gardeners will discuss everything you need to know about sodding a lawn during your free consultation. As one of the premier landscaping services businesses in the region, we provide competitive pricing on all our sodding grass installation, service and maintenance requirements. We are a fully bonded and insured.

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We offer 24/7 so one of our gardening experts is available any time to address your landscaping needs.

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