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What Does Sodding Mean?

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“Sodding” refers to laying down rolls of grass onto soil for it to take root. “Sod” refers to the actual rolls of grass. Homeowners in Ontario often opting for sodding because they can skip the cultivation period that seeding requires. As the winters in Ontario run long and harsh, temperature drops in the fall can cut your time with your lawn short. Sodding can help you maximize the time you get in a year with a lush green lawn.

Contrary to popular belief, you can install sod in Ontario between April and early November, depending on temperatures. As most people like to install new sod in the springtime, professional lawn care companies tend to book quickly into the spring.

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Sodding vs Seeding

Sodding differs from seeding in that farmers grow the grass beforehand, and therefore the root structure develops in advance. While seeding can be cheaper, it is far more difficult to maintain and is far more volatile of a process. Not all seeds will take to your lawn, you run the risk of bald spots, and you have to wait until the grass grows to enjoy the aesthetic of a green lawn. “Watching the grass grow” is a saying for good reason, the process is long and boring! On the other hand, sod grows on a farm and then delivered to you for installation. For tips on new sod care you can read our article here.

It is worth noting that farmers only grow specific kinds of grass for this landscaping strategy, so ask your landscaping contractor which kind is best for you. You can contact us today and we will be happy to answer any of your questions! As a top-rated contracting team in the GTA we have spent years informing our satisfied clients about our work, so do not hesitate to give us a call.

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How Sod Farms Work

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Sod farmers grow acres of grass that they harvest and roll to prepare them for sale. It is very important that the land is flat to make the process easier. Farmers also ensure that they remove any rocks or other debris from the soil to create a better growing environment. Once they plant the seeds it is just a matter of watering the turf and making sure it stays generally healthy, much like any other farm. Specialized equipment and powerful irrigation systems have improved sodding growth immensely in recent history, bringing us the green lawns that we are so used to today.


What Are The Benefits of Sodding?

There are various benefits to sodding in each season. While many consider spring the prime season, it can be difficult to find a contractor due to high demand. If you are planning on sodding in the spring we recommend you plan ahead and get an estimate early to ensure availability. Mid-spring projects generally yield the best grass later on, as the sod is most likely to take during this time-frame.
The summer is much less busy for most contractors and landscaping companies, and we can advise you on the levels of moisture necessary to grow and maintain a luscious healthy lawn. Most professionals recommend against sodding in the summer as the heat and continues sunlight can be detrimental to the new grass. If you have the capacity to keep your lawn watered regularly and to keep the environment controlled in the hot weather, then go for it. It really depends on your situation, and how much time you can dedicate to keeping your lawn fresh and green.

Can You Install Sod In Autumn?

Sodding in autumn can be hit-or-miss in Ontario due to the threat of sudden cold snaps and excessive rainfall. An autumn sodding, however, can also prolong the lifespan of your lawn into the winter and give you the illusion of a longer summer. In addition, demand is fairly low and it is often easier to book. So before you pull out your winter boots, consider doing some last minute gardening up until mid-November; it just might be worth your time in the cold.

Can You Install Sod in the Winter?

Yes, you can sod your lawn in the winter. You can get a head-start on your spring lawn and the melting snow will water and revive the frozen grass. If you opt to have your sodding done in the winter you may be the first one in your neighborhood with a lush, green lawn while others are messing with mud and moisture to put theirs down. You have to be able to take care of your lawn properly as winter turns to spring, and JHC Landscaping welcomes your questions. You can contact us today and one of our representatives will be happy to speak with you.

Hiring a Toronto Sodding Company

While some people believe that there is a time of the year in which your sod is guaranteed to take. This is not the case, rather the methods that you use are the most important part. Lawn sodding companies in the GTA emphasize the importance of ground preparation before sodding in turning your sod into a healthy lawn, and an experienced landscape contractor will know how to properly prepare the ground for each season. If you want to avoid damage caused by the unpredictable weather, we always recommend hiring professionals to prepare and install your sod. You can learn about the advantages that sod companies provide here.

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The Installation Process

Sodding is not very complicated, but it is always helpful to learn the process so that you know what your contractor is doing. Just like a basement renovation or a window installation, you can do it yourself but you miss the experienced view of a professional. Hiring a Toronto sodding contractor like JHC Landscaping means you can avoid the common pitfalls of lawn care that can be costly to fix.  You can learn more about how to lay sod here.

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Sod fertilizing

Fertilizing Your Sod

After your sodding, you need to take care of it to make sure your lawn grows green and strong. You have to make sure you give your sod some time to settle in and plant roots before you fertilize it, and that you choose a low-nitrogen fertilizer at first. The recommended minimum wait time is 6-8 weeks, with a thorough watering once you finish fertilizing. Remember to wait another 6-8 weeks before the second application, and this time around you actually want a higher concentration of nitrogen this time around. In preparation for your sodding make sure you read our article to learn more about fertilizing and care.

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