How to Lay Sod

Steps to Sodding a New Lawn

If you are determined to finally have the gorgeous green lawn that you have always dreamed of but never fully achieved, you should learn about how to lay sod. While sodding a lawn is a difficult task for most people, this article will go through the steps required to do it properly for a great looking, greener-than-green carpet. We always recommend hiring a landscaping professional that can ensure the health of your new sod installation, so click here to read more about our sodding services. Read on to learn more about how the process works.

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Step One: Prepare The Ground

We must begin with the proper ground preparation. Always weed your lawn and thoroughly turn over the ground to free old roots and debris from the area. Your lawn should be tilled, prepped, and ready before the sodding begins. It as always good to water the ground a few days before installation so that the soil is moist, but not so much that it becomes soggy.

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Step Two: Rake and Level

Before actually laying your sod you want to make sure that the soil area is definitely level to lay your new lawn on. This way you are leveling out any unevenness missed by your previous preparation and loosening the soil so that the new sod takes root and compresses the soil when it is laid. When you are not sure how to lay sod you may forget, but be sure your ground level is about an inch lower than where you want the final grass to be.

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Step Three: Begin Sodding

Start laying sod in a straight line, such as by the sidewalk. This way, you will be able to make the pieces more even as you go. While laying pieces in a row, firmly push the end together so that space between pieces is barely visible. Later, these pieces will grow together more firmly, but for now you want to avoid cracks.

With rectangular sod, it is relatively easy to lay two or three rows at a time while keeping each row staggered so that the joints are at different locations in the row next to it. If you are using rolls, place the new joint against the piece in place and then roll, using a knife to cut oddly shaped pieces so that they can fit around curves and other obstacles. Try not to walk on the newly laid pieces right away.

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Step Four: Sod Rolling

Rolling allows for better growth and faster knitting of your sod roots with the soil, as it presses the turf into the soul. You can purchase your own rolling machine, but it is probably better to just hire a contractor to install your sod for you. They will have the machines they need ready for you, and any mistakes you may make if you are not familiar with how to lay sod will not occur. Improperly rolled lawns generally end up looking patchy, or partially dying.

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Step Five: Maintenance and Long Term Care

Your new sod area should be watered thrice daily unless there is heavy rainfall occurring for the first week after sodding. After the first week, begin to stretch out the time between watering so that the roots will stretch downward in search of moisture in the soil. When you do water your lawn, make sure you water heavily and thoroughly.

You may consider applying sod fertilizer in intervals and mow the lawn regularly. It is good to wait about a month before you mow your fresh lawn. A week after planting your new lawn you may want to take care of the cracks that will inevitably show in your rolled sod by filling these areas with dirt from a wheelbarrow. This will ensure steady growth later on.

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Whether you are confident with your landscaping abilities or not, we always recommend contacting a professional for advice before beginning your sod installation project to avoid mishaps and mistakes and to ensure the lasting of your lawn. When hiring a landscaping professional you are assured of the quality and lifespan of your lawn, and that the person that perfects your lawn will know exactly how to lay sod properly.

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