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Lawn Replacement & Sod Installation

We’re happy to offer Aurora residents sodding (lawn replacement) services. We have been offering landscaping services and installing new lawns in Aurora for many years, extending the benefits of a strong, healthy lawn that has been professionally handled from the roots up. We utilize the best soil, machines and staff members and receive our sod from great farms, which are noted for its high-quality grass. The result is dependable and unbeatable when combined with our precise sod laying method! Sod installation requires the expertise of professionals like us. Trust your lawn replacement and lawn installation in our hands as we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Why Choose Us

Detailed Sod-Laying Process:

The procedure for sodding a grass is clear and simple. We do the following in every sodding project:

Step 1 – Assess The Landscaping
We come to your home to do a complete examination of the landscape before we begin the sodding procedure. Checking the existing soil, collecting all essential measurements, and eradicating any worms or weeds are all part of this process.
Step 2 – Taking Out the Old Sod Job
Uprooting the old sod isn’t the only way to get rid of it. If necessary, we will remove the old dirt and replace it with new dirt. If we’re dealing with existing soil, we’ll use a high-quality fertilizer to help the soil prepare for the sod installation.
Step 3 – Installing Putting Down Putting Down Fresh Sod
We’re ready for the fresh sod installation now that we’ve evened out the dirt with a roller machine. We lay the grass sod carefully in this stage, taking special care to the margins, trees, and potted plants in your garden. We also trim the grass around these features to make it seem tidy and inviting.
Step 4 – Getting the New Grass to Level
We go over the grass with a roller one more time in this stage to level it and ensure steady growth on the soil surface. This also prevents weeds and worms from sprouting, as well as ensuring the long lifespan of your new sod.

Top Notch Materials

High-Quality Soil Aurora

Application of High-Quality Soil

We exclusively utilize the highest-grade soil available, unlike some of the competitors. The Gro-Max soil is a higher-end option. Gro-Max is the premium option since it has an ideal pH, retains water, and is porous.

Sodding Aurora

Post Sodding Support

Furthermore, after we complete a Sod Laying operation, we provide extensive instructions on how to care for your freshly laid grass during the first few weeks, as well as how to maintain and fertilize for the forthcoming future.

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JHC Landscaping for Your Sodding

JHC Landscaping Services Aurora
  • We provide quick turn around on the installation process
  • We utilize top-of-the-line supplies in our projects because we want our sodding to last.
  • Great pricing is a part of our high-quality service
  • We are proud of our ability to provide fully skilled, efficient, and pleasant service to our consumers.

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