Lawn Watering and Irrigation Tips

A flourishing lawn enhances the beauty of your property, increases its value and adds to a healthy environment. It is no secret that the secret to a lush lawn is watering it well and at the right time.

Lawn Watering Techniques and Tips

lawn watering systemLength and type of lawn watering and irrigation techniques depend on a number of factors including the size of the lawn, type of grass, climate, humidity and type of soil to name a few. One needs to keep these variables in mind before deciding on a maintenance schedule that works best. Some useful lawn watering tips are mentioned below:

  • Best Time To Water: It is always recommended to water your lawn early morning so the soil has enough time to soak the water and for the leaves to dry before evaporation happens later in the day.
  • How Much To Water: You should ideally sprinkle 1 inch of water per week uniformly across the lawn as that is the right amount of water a lawn needs to thrive.
  • Types of Sprinklers: There are primarily two types of sprinklers namely rotor sprinklers – where the stream rotates over the lawn area and spray sprinklers – where the stream sprays consistently over the lawn area. To choose the best type of sprinkler one should take into account the water pressure, lawn size and if the lawn area is curved or long and narrow.
  • Drip Irrigation of Lawns: It is an efficient way to water the lawn evenly as it consists of a network of hoses that are buried in the ground. Drip irrigation avoids water wastage and evaporation due to heat and humidity. It is a preferred method of lawn irrigation as the water is closer to the roots enabling quicker absorption.

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