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Sodding grass has become an increasingly popular alternative to grass seed for residential properties in Etobicoke. A beautiful lawn not only adds to the curb appeal of your home, but it also increases the resale value.

Because different environmental factors affect how your lawn looks, growing lush green grass is an ongoing process. Bare, damaged patches can quickly take away from the overall look or your greenspace. Rather than add new seed, sodding a lawn can give you beautiful results more quickly.

Sod is grass that has already grown into square sheets or rectangular roles by professional grass growers. The roots intertwine with a thin layer of soil or biodegradable material. Sodding in Etobicoke rolls are installed on level, moist soil. When first applied to your landscaping, the turf grass should be watered daily for the first couple of weeks.

Sodding Benefits

Sodding Etobicoke

There are several benefits to sodding Etobicoke yards. One of the most common reasons homeowners install pre-grown turf in they yard is because it provides instant beautiful landscaping to your greenspace. Unlike grass seed that must germinate and grow, lawn turf is pre-grown grass.

Sodding a yard saves money on your water bill. When grass seed is planted, you have to irrigate your soil twice as much for double the time to keep the ground moist so the grass can grow. Sodding requires less water because the grass is already established.

Sodding Installation by JHC Landscaping Etobicoke

Sodding in Etobicoke better protects your soil. Dirt exposed to the elements can turn to dust, mud or erode. Covering the exposed soil with sod will prevent these unwanted and unattractive issues from occurring.

Sodding a lawn improves air quality in your home because it provides better insulation around the exterior of your residence.

Landscaping in Etobicoke with grass turf lowers your risk of area flooding. Sod helps drain water and divert it to the ground so it does not turn overflow into the drainage system.

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Sodding Services Etobicoke

At JHC Landscaping Services Inc, we have been providing superior landscaping in Etobicoke for almost 20 years. We are known for our high quality service and commitment to providing professional excellence.

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During your free consultation, one of our expert lawn specialists will cover all areas of sodding a lawn including the types of grass turf options available and post installation care. We are a fully bonded and insured company committed to providing the best landscaping services to all our customers.

Our expert gardeners work hard to take care of all your landscaping in Etobicoke needs. We are available 24/7 so you can contact us anytime to discuss your lawncare needs. Our expert gardeners are ready to help you turn your greenspace into the best looking yard in the neighbourhood.

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