Sodding Maple

Lawn Replacement & Sod Installation

As the GTA’s best sodding company, JHC Landscaping Services is proud to now do our highly-regarded work for the residents of Maple. We are leaders in the landscaping business and we have built our reputation on unparalleled levels of customer service

We offer the highest quality services with the most competitive prices in town. Our sodding experts will make your lawn beautiful. We will overcome all challenges including out-of-control weeds, bad soil and even drainage issues to deliver the breathtaking landscape you deserve for your home.

We use only the best grass from a carefully curated list of sod farms throughout Ontario. This is why we can always promise our customers a lawn that will look great for a long time.

Sodding Benefits

Sodding Maple

Are you familiar with sodding? It’s when you replace your grass with rolls of luscious green turf. Sod rolls are thick, expanses of grass with a layer of fertile soil beneath. It’s all held together by the healthy root system of our top-grade sod rolls.

Sodding lets homeowners transform their dried-out, weedy and dying lawns into a perfectly manicured greenspace in just one day’s work! There’s no need to plant seeds and wait for weeks to see if they took. Sodding guarantees instant gratification and results.

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The landscaping experts at JHC Landscaping Services always suggest adding sod. It’s easy to go from a muddy mess to that golf-worthy green look in less than 24-hours, instantly upgrading your home’s curb appeal.

You could plant seeds instead, but it takes a lot of time, hard work and water! You could spend all day planting grass seeds, only to have them washed away in a rainstorm just a few days later. That’s why sodding is a no-brainer.

Why Choose Our Sodding Services

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Our sod is carefully nurtured for a full year before we roll it out on your lawn. JHC Landscaping Services has the industry’s most experienced crew of sod installers who use a special system engineered to get great results.

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First, we completely remove any old grass and weeds. Then, we add a fresh layer of the best topsoil to make a nice place for the new roots to take hold. Next, we carefully lay down each roll of sod ensuring complete coverage and the perfect aesthetic. Finally, we add just enough water to ensure the sod rolls are healthy and will start to root themselves to the ground.

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Once the job is done, our crews will leave the job site spotless and pristine as if you’ve had this beautiful lawn the whole time! We won’t leave until you’ve had a chance to inspect your new lawn and we will always be here to address any questions or concerns.

Contact Us for Sodding in Maple

Sodding in Maple

JHC Landscaping Services offers sodding services that are very affordable. We send one of our highly-trained sodding experts to your home for an in-person quote to guarantee accuracy. Our team of professional sodding technicians and landscapers can also provide you with lawn care tips for watering and maintenance. Call us today for a free, no-obligation estimate and let’s grow something great together.