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Lawn Replacement & Sod Installation

We are thrilled to offer sodding (lawn replacement) services to homeowners who live in the North York region. Our experience for over a great deal of years has included providing landscaping services and new lawn installations in North York, giving you the benefits of a strong, healthy lawn that’s been attentively cared for by specialists like us. By absorbing surplus direct sunlight, a thick, healthy lawn surrounding your house also provides oxygen, decreases noise, and helps to cool your home! We employ the best soil, technology, and personnel, and we get our sod from well-known grass farms. The outcome is trustworthy and spectacular when paired with our precision sod laying technology! Professionals like us are needed for sod installation and replacement. You can trust us with your grass replacement and installation since we have the necessary expertise and knowledge.

Why Choose us

Detailed sod-laying process

Step 1 – Preparation & Inspection of The Soil
We painstakingly analyze the health and condition of your soil before putting a single piece of fresh grass (sod). This is a crucial step because it assures that your new grass will adapt quickly and thrive in its new home. Our inspection process guarantees that your sod complements the aesthetics of your house.
Step 2 – Remove Any Existing Grass or Weeds
Trim or cut any existing grass/weeds with a line trimmer or, in certain cases, a sod cutter to remove and dispose of them.
Step 3 – Breaking Up The Soil
We loosen the soil with a Rototiller to aerate it and permit nutrients from the soil to be utilized by the emerging grass roots.
Step 4 – Getting the New Grass to Level
We use a roller at this point to level the grass and ensure that it grows evenly on the soil surface. This also prevents weeds and worms from sprouting, as well as increasing the life phase of your new sod.

Top Notch Materials

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In This Industry, We only Use the Highest-Quality Soil

we care about our customers’ lawns and are passionate about what we do, we only use the strongest soil possible. The quality and content of Gro-Max soil, , makes it a more appealing product for us to use for you. Gro-Max is an excellent choice since it has a neutral pH, is porous, and holds onto water which is beneficial for the lawn.

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Post Sodding Support

We also give detailed instructions on how to care for your newly placed grass in the first few weeks, as well as how to maintain and fertilize it after a sod installation process is over.

Premium Sodding in North York

Premium Sodding in North York

Because we want our sodding to last, we offer a speedy installation services and only use the best materials in our work. Our high-quality service is available at a great and reasonable cost. We are proud of our capacity to give our customers with highly professional, efficient, and enjoyable service.

If you are in need of sodding a lawn, a sod replacement, or a lawn installation in North York, call us right away.