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Over time, most homeowners notice their patios, sidewalks, and interlock driveways start to wear off. Although this is a natural thing to happen, it will affect the overall appearance of your property in many different ways. In this case, sand and seal is the solution that fully restores your pavement and maintains it in the long run.

JHC Landscaping is a Toronto-based company specialised in all things interlocking. We have years of experience in the business, and when it comes to sealing paving stones, we know exactly what we’re doing.

The Importance of Sand and Seal

Houses settle gradually with time. The interlock shifts and gravel stones move due to sunken areas in the property or exposure to weather elements. As a result, sand comes out from in between your interlock tiles, making your home look sloppy, dirty, and disoriented.

  1. Get rid of unwanted weeds between interlock tiles
  2. Increase an old house’s value by protecting from dirt, oil, and natural elements
  3. Improve your home’s appearance and overall appeal
  4. Extend the life of your interlocking pavement, sidewalk, or patio

We understand the advantages of proper sand and seal installation. You can trust JHC Landscaping with your interlock sealing and sand application because we know all the trade secrets.

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Our Sand and Seal Process

STEP 1: Power Wash and Weed Removal

We use a high-pressure washing machine to clean out the old sand from in between the interlock cracks.

We also remove weeds that grow between interlocking crevices. These weeds are harmful because they affect the integrity of your driveway.

Step 2: Polymeric Sand Application

We install new polymeric sand between the interlocks. We then compact the sand to make sure we fill all the cracks in the interlock.

We clean the tiles from any excess sand, then we apply water on top of the sand until it’s completely solid.

Step 3: Interlock Sealer Application

We seal the polymeric sand to create a shield to protect it from cracking or breaking. This step is done after we make sure the sand is fully dry.

Sealing the pavement is a crucial step because it ensures the new sand is durable, strong, and won’t budge over time.

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Although there are many types of polymeric sand, we only use the highest-quality to fill the gaps between your interlock stones. Also, the great thing about polymeric sand is that it comes in many different colours to perfectly complement your house’s exterior.

JHC Landscape will take care of your interlock to perfection. We are motivated by our dedication, work ethic, and customer satisfaction.

What Makes Us Different

When you reach out to JHC Landscaping to work on your interlock pavers, you’re guaranteed the following:

  • Excellent-quality materials and advanced interlocking tools
  • Full honesty and transparency with our customers
  • You get exactly what you pay for; no hidden fees and top-of-the-line service
  • We work with all types of interlock material such as flagstone, interlocking stone, porcelain tiles, and gravel
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Frequently asked questions about Sand and Seal

How long does sand sealant last?

Sand sealant lasts up to 5 years. All you have to do is contact the right interlocking company to pave your driveway, patio, or curb to make sure the sealant is properly applied—maintenance should not be a problem.

� How much does a sand and seal service cost?

On average, the cost of sand and seal ranges from $1.35-$2.50 per square foot. The price usually depends on the amount of weed growth to remove, the style of interlock, and the size of the cracks in between the tiles.

� What can the homeowner do for sand and seal maintenance?

Homeowners can take measures to minimise weed growth in their interlock. For example, you can get your own herbicide or special weed tweezers from your local department store. These easy tips will help you nip weed growth in the bud.

� Does sand and seal come with a warranty?

Our sand and seal service comes with a 3-month warranty that guarantees no weed growth and perfect sand and seal installation.

� When is the best time to install sand and seal?

The best time to apply sand and seal to your interlock is when the temperature is over 25°. This is because high temperature helps to dry the sealant faster and make the sand sealing process much quicker.

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With JHC Landscaping, you won’t even need to use that 3-month warranty because we’re simply that good! We make sure the job is done perfectly from the get-go.

Contact JHC for Sand and Seal Services

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We provide stellar sand and seal services in Toronto and the GTA. We lead with a professional attitude and a commitment to our craft. Contact JHC Landscaping today for outstanding services, competitive prices, and a dedicated team of interlock and landscaping experts.

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