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We Brave the Cold for You

Caring for your home in the winter requires braving those icy Ontario temperatures regularly, which is something not everyone can do. For this reason, JHC Landscaping offers a winter maintenance program, so you can sit toasty warm while we do the hard work for you.

Snow Removal and Ice Management in Northern GTA

Our company provides landscaping and maintenance year round. From spring/fall cleanup to sodding and seeding in spring and summer, we do it all. This includes winter maintenance of driveways, roads and yard. JHC Landscaping offers safe and reliable procedures to manage snow and ice throughout the winter season. We de-ice and protect past driveway, walkway and path work and provide salting solutions in addition to snow clearing.

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Our services are safe and reliable and convenient for you during the winter season. Our teams understand that you as a property owner might not have time to maintain your area yourself, which is why we offer prompt and professional snow plowing/clearing and de-icing services on both a commercial and residential level. No matter how large or small the property, we will provide timely services to allow for quick pedestrian and car access.

Driveway and Yard Maintenance

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While not much grows in the winter, making our job easier, it is still imperative to provide your area with the maintenance it requires. We offer a variety of programs in the winter suited to de-icing of your living/work space and will ensure that the snowfall does not impair your home or business.

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Offering both summer and winter maintenance, our crews are happy to help you keep your home’s curb appeal year round. Call us today with any project, large or small, for a free quote. JHC Landscaping offers services in a vast variety of areas not limited to paving, driveway maintenance and sealing, landscaping design, tree planting and removal, lawn maintenance and sodding as well as snow removal.

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To create your winter snow removal plan and ensure a snow-free season, call us. Our team is well equipped to undertake jobs of both residential and commercial scale. We cover whole northern GTA region, including Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Vaughan & Markham.

Give us a call for a free estimation and watch our mobile team taking care of your needs. You can call us at 416-779-6655 or send us an email at We look forward to your business!

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Snow and Winter Services in Thornhill, Maple, Vaughan & Markham – Houses, Apartments, Commercial Buildings and Offices


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