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Lawn Replacement & Sod Installation

JHC Landscaping is Toronto’s leading landscaping company, taking care of your sodding and lawn replacement needs since 2010. We are proud to provide quality sod installation service to homeowners in Toronto and the GTA.

Sodding Installation Steps

The steps to sodding a lawn are clear and straight-forward. In every sodding project, we do the following:

Step 1 – Evaluating the Landscaping
Before the sodding process begins, we arrive at your property to conduct a thorough evaluation of the landscaping. This includes checking the existing soil, taking all the necessary measurements, and removing any grubs or weeds.
Step 2 – Removing the Old Sod
Removing the old sod doesn’t just include uprooting it. If need be, we remove the old soil and lay a new one. And if we’re working with the existing soil, we apply quality fertilizer to prep the soil for the sod installation process.
Step 3 – Installing the New Sod
After evening out the soil with a roller, we are ready for the new sod installation. During this step, we lay the grass sod expertly, paying close attention to the edges, trees, and flower beds in your yard. We also cut the lawn around these elements so that it looks neat and appealing.
Step 4 – Levelling the New Grass
In this final step, we go over the grass with a roller one more time to level it and guarantee its healthy growth on top of the soil. Doing this also prevents unwanted weeds and grubs from growing, and it ensures your new sod’s longevity.

How We Sod

JHC Use High-Quality Soil for Sodding Services Toronto

Using high-quality soil

Unlike some of our competitors, we only use the best quality soil on the market. Our go-to is the triple mix soil that consists of 1/3 soil, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 compost, promoting the growth of healthy sod.

A higher-end alternative is the Gro-Max soil. Gro-Max has optimum pH, holds water, and is porous, making it the premium alternative to the triple mix.

Quality Sod Installation Services Toronto

Sod delivery right to your doorstep

Hiring us means you do not have to pick up the sod yourself. Part of our grass sod installation service is delivering the fresh sod to your house⁠— all included in the fees, of course.

We then carefully unroll the sod sheet atop of the soil. And our team of sod installation experts has the skill and expertise to complete the job according to industry standards.

Amazing Project of Sodding in The Backyard Toronto

Cleaning up after the sod installation

We leave your property spotless, working hard to make sure our sod installation process is hassle-free for you. As a result, we properly dispose of all the materials post-installation. Moreover, we only rely on eco-friendly methods to get rid of the old sod.

Your garden will be ready for your personal use as soon as we complete the sod installation.

Why Choose JHC Landscaping

One-day sod installation

We can install a brand new sod in an average 1500 sqft yard in one day.

Warranty policy

Our sod installation service comes with a 3-month warranty for the labour and sodding materials.

Quality materials and tools

We install our sodding to last, which is why we use top-of-the-line products in our projects.

Competitive sod prices

Starting at $1.80 per sqft, trust that you are receiving great value with our sod installation.

Quick response time

We come to your location and complete the sodding project according to schedule.

Friendly, skilled team

We take pride in being highly-trained, skilled, and courteous to our customers.

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