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Whether you want an old stump removed, or a new tree planted in your backyard, JHC landscaping is pleased to offer you a variety of services. Because we care about our customers, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to tree planting, as well as tree removal. While we always recommend that you hire a professional instead of undertaking this work yourself, we also understand the pleasure that comes with gardening and landscaping. After all, this is what we do for a living.

How to Plant a Tree

While tree planting is not complicated, it takes a little bit of thought and planning to get it right and to ensure the tree will have all it requires to grow healthily in the future. Before planting, give some thought as to the spot you have chosen for your new tree. You do not want to pick a place with too little room for the mature tree or one without enough light. Soil and moisture conditions should also be considered, as correct placement will prevent many problems from happening in the log run. If you are unsure about the place you have chosen, contact a professional with your problems. Now that you have selected your spot, follow these easy steps to plant your tree:

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1. Find the root flare on the tree trunk. The root flare is the portion of tree’s trunk where it transitions into roots. The tree will need to be planted at equal to or slightly above this area.

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2. Next, ensure you have dug a deep enough hole to fit the entirety o the root-ball. Your hole should be two to thee times the size of the rootball when digging, and the height should be exactly equal. It is important to loosen the soil surrounding the young roots so they can extend into the new soil. If the hole is too small or the edges too compacted, the roots will grow in circles inside the hole. Make sure you are not planting too deep, as a too deep hole will discourage the development of the roots due to lack of oxygen.

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3. Loosen the rootball out of the container, if any, without damaging the roots. This will encourage rooting in the soil around the rootball. Then place the tree in the hole and make sure it is upright and straight before filling. You don’t want a crooked or leaning tree, as this is tough to correct later on in the tree’s lifespan.

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4. Fill the hole slowly, inch by inch, while gently packing the soil around the roots, eliminating air holes as you go. Continue to do this until you have filled the hole, further ensuring the firmness of your packing.

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5. Only stake the tree is necessary. Most trees do not require staking unless they are being planted in very windy areas, or are very top heavy. If staking, use two stakes at the opposite sides of the tree. The material used to attach the tree to these stakes should be flexible and allow for movement in the wind to some degree. Similarly, the material should be soft enough not to damage the tree bark. Never leave stakes on for too long; most should be removed after a year.

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Tree Removal in Toronto

Tree Removal Services Toronto and GTA

Should you want a tree removed, we recommend taking a look at your area’s bylaws to ensure you are within the law. If your tree is cracking or has protruding or dangerous branches, we recommend calling a service offering emergency tree removal immediately, as it is dangerous to keep this kind of tree in the ground for prolonged periods of time. Our company provides emergency tree removal and understands the necessity of prompt response in such situations. We similarly also recommend hiring professionals for tree removal, to avoid accidents such as damage to your home and area.

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