Spring Lawn Care and Maintenance – Keep Your Lawn Fresh and Green

Spring is finally here and after a long, cold winter, your property may not be looking so fresh. Spring lawn care is the base for amazing curb appeal throughout the year, so we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you keep your lawn looking as fresh and green as you want it:

Lawn Aeration Services

Aeration Works Wonders

Aeration, for those who are unaware, is the act of pulling little plugs of grass from your lawn with an aerator. This allows more air to reach the roots of your grass, which in turn promotes healthy grass growth after the winter season. For better drainage, it is recommended that you brush some sand into the resulting holes. This process is time-consuming and aeration machines are bulky, heavy and costly, therefore we do not recommend doing it yourself. JHC Landscaping offers aeration in our lawn care service packages, ensuring that your yard will be lush and green after your spring lawn care.

Spring Lawn Care by JHC Landscaping

Your Soil’s pH Levels Matter More than You Might Think:

Winter temperatures and melting snow tend to wash away nutrients and make the soil acidic, preventing proper growth. Your grass likes more alkaline soil, meaning you should consider consulting with a professional to raise your soil pH balance as part of your spring lawn care. Many experts advocate liming your lawn with products such as Dolomite, while others advocating for the new organic lime recently derived from crushed egg shells. The answer depends on your situation: what kind of grass you have, the pH balance of your soil, and other factors. You can contact us to consult with a professional today to figure out what is best for your soil, and what products to use.

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Remember to Rake and De-Thatch

While this process is not a necessity every year, it might be a good idea if your lawn feels particularly spongy when you walk on it. Power raking and dethatching are part of regular spring lawn care and maintenance programs and are usually offered by all landscaping professionals. Power raking and dethatching removes the excess build up of hatch and allows for new green grass to re-grow. In general, we do not recommend attempting this process yourself, as too-vigorous raking or dethatching may seriously harm your lawn instead of removing the excess build up of dead materials.

Mulching Services

Top-Dress and Over-Seed to Prevent Weed Growth

Putting down a layer of topsoil to act as a bed for fresh seed is a way to prevent weed growth and patchiness in the grass. Likewise, planting new grass seeds into your existing lawn can help deal with patchiness and bald spots. As this process can be done quite early in the spring, it is best not to delay to allow the grass to grow unrestrained.

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While Unappealing, Moss Is Mostly Beneficial

Forceful removal of moss might damage your lawn and can leave you with the job of having to rake and reseed your yard. Instead, make your soil less acidic, aerate regularly, and add sand to induce drainage in order to prevent moss growth. In addition, if it is possible you can attempt to increase the amount of sunlight those troublesome patches of lawn get.

Lawn Fertilizer Services

Fertilizer Is Always a Good Investment

A regular dose of fertilizer ensures that your grass keeps growing healthy and strong. A good fertilizer for early in the year is a turf-starter, which contains a higher phosphorus content than others. A slow release fertilizer, on the other hand, will provide continuous nutrition in the spring months when you’re looking for healthy growth. The best answer for you depends on your situation, it is recommended that you consult with a professional before choosing one.

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