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The Best Time to Sod a New Lawn in Toronto

Before you decide to sod your lawn, you should be aware of the proper procedure and preparation necessary to do so yourself. A great looking lawn is the product of proper preparation, thorough de-weeding and well rejuvenated earth.

To learn how to sod your own lawn, take a look at some of our other articles in which we go over the process. This article will provide you with the proper times to engage in lawn care in Ontario, so as to avoid freezing of the grass in the cold season and ensure proper re-growth for seasons to come.


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We’ll show you how to enjoy your lawn for as long as possible.

How does sodding work?

The process of sodding is much different from seeding and has the benefit of a fully developed root system. Sod is grown on a farm and is delivered to you fully grown, and easily sustainable. While seeding is cheaper, it is far more difficult to maintain, and is a far more finicky process than placing fully grown sod on your lawn as not all seeds will take, and you always run the risk of bald spots.

In Ontario, homeowners often choose to sod instead of seeing simply because this way they skip the cultivation period, and they can almost immediately enjoy their beautiful new lawn. As the winters in Ontario run long and harsh, your time with your lawn is often cut short by temperature drops in the fall. For this reason, you want to maximize the time you can spend with a healthy lawn.

Contrary to popular belief sod can be installed in Ontario between April and early November, depending on temperatures. As most people like to install new sod in the springtime, professional lawn care companies tend to book quickly into the spring.

Benefits to sodding your lawn

There are various benefits to sodding in each season. While spring is generally considered the prime season, contractors are very difficult to get a hold of during this time, and rates are generally significantly hire than at other times. If sodding in the spring, we recommend you get an estimate early to ensure booking. Mid-spring in northern climates generally yields the best grass later on, as the sod is most likely to take.

Most professionals recommend against sodding in the summer, as the heat and continues sunlight is detrimental to the new grass. If you have the capacity to keep your lawn watered regularly in the hot season and keep the environment controlled, go for it. The summer is much less busy for most contractors and landscaping companies, and they can advise you on the levels of moisture necessary to grow and maintain a luscious healthy lawn.

While sodding in the fall can be a hit and miss in Ontario with sudden cold snaps and excessive rainfall, a fall sodding can also prolong the lifespan of your lawn into the winter and give you the illusion of a longer summer if done correctly. In addition, lawn care companies are almost never fully booked, and will sometimes offer discounted prices for the season. So before you pull out your winter boots, consider doing some last minute gardening up until mid November; it might be worth your time in the cold.

Picking a professional sodding company in Toronto

While some people believe there is a time of the year in which your sod is guaranteed to take, the reality is quite the opposite. The most important thing to consider when sodding your lawn is the method in which you attempt your project and actually install the sod. Lawn sodding companies in the GTA emphasize the importance of ground preparation before sodding in turning your sod into a healthy lawn. For this reason, we always recommend hiring professionals to prepare and install your sod.

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