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Raccoons are wild creatures that homeowners do not usually pay much attention to. They look adorable and seem non-threatening with their little Zorro masks (you can even find many raccoon memes online that will convince you of this); however; they are notorious for being mischievous rascals. Why? Well, according to the Canadian Wildlife Federation, raccoons are very adaptable animals. Firstly, they do not have the most refined palates, meaning what they eat depends mainly on what is available. In addition, they can be found in many different environments; cold and warm climates, as well as rural and urban areas alike.

Nevertheless, the fact that raccoons can thrive pretty much anywhere that offers food and shelter makes your backyard, garage, attic, and patio perfect habitats upon which raccoons may intrude. So, unless you are particularly interested in adding a sneaky member to your family, raccoon protection is a necessary step in order to keep raccoons at bay and off your property.

How to Keep Raccoons off My Property?

Raccoons can be a serious nuisance, but there are many simple yet effective remedies that you can use to keep them off your property:

Raccoon Protection Net
  • Keep your house and its surrounding area clean
  • Protect your garbage by weighing down the can lid and sealing each trash bag
  • Use cayenne pepper in areas where you suspect raccoon activity
  • Turn a radio on in raccoon-prone places to scare them off

Regardless of what methods you use to ward off raccoons, it is essential to refrain from violence when doing so in order to ensure raccoon protection without inflicting serious harm on them.

Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Raccoon Damage?

Installing a Racoon Net

Most home insurance policies cover damage caused by wild animals. For example, if a raccoon has trespassed onto your property and ruined your chimney, your home insurance policy will most likely cover the necessary repairs. That said, homeowner insurance policies do not usually cover animal damage inflicted on personal property. Say that same raccoon managed to slide down your chimney, access your house, and break a lamp inside your living room, your insurance policy will probably not cover your repair expenses for that lamp.

Installing a Racoon Net (Protective Net)

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One of the many fantastic services we offer at JHC Landscaping is sodding, and if you live in an area known for its raccoon activity, a freshly laid lawn is a tempting sight for wandering raccoons. In this scenario, the most efficient way to guarantee raccoon protection is to place a net over your newly installed sod. Netting your lawn using this technique will help tighten your sod roots into the ground making it difficult for raccoons to dip up your lawn and destroy your backyard.

Call a Professional

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To get a professional opinion on the best raccoon protection method for your property, get in touch with JHC Landscaping today for a free consultation and a premium service you will absolutely love.

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