The Promise of a Green Lawn

Landscaping-Design-thornhillMaking sure you green lawn stays healthy is an important aspect of making sure everything is fresh when you walk out the door. Every year the seasons can take a toll, so keeping your lawn alive and well can seem like a chore, but we will happily take that off your hands. Our qualified professionals will get the work done quickly, efficiently, and at a great price. There are a variety of benefits that come with a healthy lawn for your home and we are here to make sure you do not miss out. Read on for the benefits of a green lawn, or click here to read more about our lawn care services.

Increase the Value of Your Home

We know how important it is for you to take care of your living space, so we are here to make it easier for you. Fresh turf, fertilization, and seeding create a more vibrant green lawn, but besides aesthetics, this can have a financial benefit. A properly manicured property can increase your market value, so if you are planning on selling your home consistent lawn care is recommended.

Health Benefits

Besides the financial benefits, you can expect clear health benefits for you and your loved ones.

  • Improved Air Quality: Healthy grass absorbs unhealthy gases such as carbon dioxide and reduces their emissions altogether, creating a healthier living space for your family. Smoke and dust are often shut in by new grass turf as well, making every breath cleaner.
  • Helps Prevent Weeds: With a new and healthy landscape, the chances of weeds being a problem is quite small. A completely new soil structure will prevent weeds from tearing through your fresh lawn. This will save you time and effort on weeding that you can spend on more important tasks. This is also time that you are not spending bending over low to the ground, which helps spinal health.

Environmental Benefits

Environmental change is a huge topic in the modern world. Your green lawn can help you save time while you are positively impacting the environment.

  • Improved Water Quality: A healthy lawn creates a livable atmosphere by not only improving the air you breathe but in the water your home is exposed to. When rain filters through grass it is much less acidic as opposed to when it filters through asphalt. Groundwater is an important part of our ecosystem, and your green lawn can be helping keep it healthy.
  • Reduces Runoff & Pollution: The run-off that naturally happens on rainy days will be absorbed by your lawn with a healthy turf. This will help in reducing water waste and is altogether more environmentally friendly.
  • Less Noise Pollution: Not only can your lawn reduce runoff, but it can be an effective anti-noise pollutant. A healthy lawn has the potential to absorb surrounding noise, which is beneficial for you and your neighborhood.

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Keeping Cool & Stress-Free

Your lawn being naturally cooler than asphalt and bare soil by 7 to 15 degrees, meaning heating that naturally happens on a summer day can be toned down with a healthy turf. Because the ground surrounding your house maintains a lower temperature it can also have an impact on your cooling bills.

Greenery has shown to reduce stress and is even used as a form of therapy in some hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Your family will feel more at ease with a healthy garden surrounding your home; there is nothing better than having a stress free home.

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