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Sit back and relax while our company offers you the absolute best in all landscaping services, including driveway maintenance, mending, paving and sealing. JHC Landscaping brings to the table a highly skilled team with superior knowledge of the craft in the Greater Toronto Area. Whether your driveway needs a new coat of sealer or you want a complete re-haul of your old pavement, we are there to help you with all your landscaping needs. With JHC Landscaping, your home will always look it’s best.

Paving for Curb Appeal

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The way your driveway looks says much about you as a homeowner. Holes, wear and cracks are notoriously difficult to fix and even harder to prevent. Even with a good paving job and proper sealant, your driveway is still susceptible to the every year wear and tear of Ontario’s cold winters.

Our company offers a wide array of paving services. We install asphalt, concrete or stonework driveways, and offer a variety of ways to maintain and upkeep the quality of your driveway. We understand that your driveway should be the perfect extension of your home: durable, good-looking and professional, which is why JHC Landscaping is your best choice for quality paving services, which we offer alongside sealing, mending and general maintenance.

In addition, we offer a guarantee of quality and will take to time to ensure the future lifespan and excellence of your paving project with our offers of maintenance and mending. For excellent services in the GTA, give JHC Landscaping a call. Quotes are 100% free.

Sealing Driveway to Prolong Its Life


Whether concrete or asphalt, your driveway will benefit from a layer of driveway sealer, which sits on top of your driveway and acts as a barrier that prevents water, ice, chemicals and car fluids, de-icing salt and other natural factors from affecting the surface of your driveway. Asphalt sealing prevents staining and eating away of the surface of your driveway, and in general is a good idea if you want to prevent holes and cracks after the winter season.

This relatively inexpensive procedure will guarantee the prolonged lifespan of your driveway. Sealcoating is a job which can be done annually or every few years to keep your driveway attractive and make it last longer in the harsh winters of the Toronto area. The frequency of sealing will depend on the freeze-thaw cycles of your area, and how quickly your driveway deteriorates over time

JHC Landscaping offers top-tier sealing and paving services within the GTA


A newly installed asphalt driveway should cure for up to 90 days after installation before sealing. Our company offers professional services that will prevent you from having to undertake a DIY sealing procedure, which usually involves highly varying costs. Our teams are informed of the climate in the Toronto region and know best which products work best in your region. In addition, our services are 100% organic and environmentally friendly.

Our services will ensure the professional quality you are looking for, and are offered in conjunction with our other services such as paving and mending. For a job done right and to avoid any possible problems such as pooling and cracking, give JHC Landscaping a call.

Mending Driveway Holes and Future Prevention


If you’re tired of those cracks and holes in your driveway preventing your home from looking it’s best, it’s time to undertake a repair project that will have your driveway looking good again. Driveway cracks are very common in places such as Ontario which experience freeze/thaw cycles and heavy snowfalls. It’s quite imperative to fix these cracks before moisture can do more damage. Potholes and cracks can damage your car and are a vicious circle which will cause more cracks in the long run. If you don’t want to re-pave, mending your driveway is a way to get rid of the holes that are causing you pain and prevent future inconveniences.

Driveway repairs are different based on the kind of driveway you have. Gravel and dirt driveways are easily fixed with re-application of materials while concrete, asphalt or stone/brick will require patch kit and possibly a paver to apply materials with. Remember that kits are generally only temporary solutions and the problems might resurface as soon as the next year. To avoid any problems and ensure that your patches are fixed correctly, we recommend hiring professionals to enact a more permanent mending solution.

Make your driveway new again with JHC Landscaping’s elite team of professionals. Our sealing and mending services will refresh and protect your driveway from stains, cracking, and unsightly weed growth. We will take the time to ensure that your driveway is looking as good as new. Our team is well equipped and knowledgeable of the environmental factors that go into maintaining a driveway in Ontario’s climate. In addition to patching, we also pave and seal driveways and offer a variety of other landscaping services including interlocking, stone and gravel installation, lawn care, sodding, tree planting, landscape design and snow removal.

For a complete overview of our services, feel free to contact us or visit our website for further info. Our team is well equipped to undertake jobs of both residential and commercial scale, so give us a call for a free estimation and watch our mobile team will take care of your needs. You can call us at 416-779-6655 or send us an email at We look forward to your business!

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