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Organic Lawn Care and Weed Control for Toronto, North York, Thornhill, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, King City, Aurora, Newmarket and the surrounding areas.

Sit back and relax while we do what we love most – lawn care.
JHC Landscaping offers eco-friendly solutions to maintaining your lawn. We have the tools, technology, and the leading organic products to nourish your lawn. Tell us what you’d like to be accomplished, and we will give you our expertise and dedicated work, ensuring you’re 100% happy with the results.

Whether your lawn care purpose is for aesthetics, recreational purposes, or obligatory bylaws, JHC Landscaping is ready for landscape gardening and total care of your lawn.


Lawn Care Services in GTA & York Region – Houses, Apartments, Commercial Buildings and Offices



Lawn Care Before Overseeding

Lawn Care Before Over Seeding

Fertilizing, do it right

The process of fertilizing can apply to many situations. But in other cases, fertilizing alone will not do the job.

For example if you have a thin grass and you’d like to encourage thicker growth, adding grass seeds may be an option along with fertilizer will create a greener lawn. And in case of acidic soils, adding lime is a must. Thus, it is important to have a good inspection of the soil prior to fertilizing in order to get proper grass growth.

At JHC Landscaping we take the time to ensure that you receive a proper fertilization process. We will combine the right amounts of nutrients and fertilizer and properly distribute them on your lawn, ultimately helping your plant life to blossom. We understand the types of fertilizers available on the market and we know their effects on different type of lawn applications.

We will work closely with you to ensure that the fertilization process is perfect to the results you’re looking to have. One time fertilization or scheduled are both available for our customers. We will ensure the quality of your soil and eliminate toxicity and other issues that may affect the results you want.

Get started with a free lawn analysis.

Lawn Aeration, why is it so important for your lawn

Most homeowners will choose to do the mowing, fertilizing and overseeing, but often forget to or disregard lawn aeration.

Now to get the best out of your lawn, keep it healthy and green, it is important to consider that soil and thatch on your lawn can become dense and will eventually affect your lawn’s ability to grow. De-thatching and aerating is an essential process to making sure that your lawn receives proper nutrients, oxygen and water for proper growth.

If left untreated, the roots of your grass will begin to slowly suffocate. With proper assessment of your lawn and regular examination of your soil, we can tell you if aeration is required.

JHC Landscaping offers professional lawn aeration services and takes away the laborious chore of aerating your lawn, especially if you have a large landscape. By taking the time to aerate your lawn, we can find the slightest of situations that can make or break your lawn.

Lawn Care outside a house

Lawn Care and Landscaping Design

Complete Over-seeding, the best time to over-seed your lawn

The summer time is a reason why we invest so much into our outdoor living spaces and landscape. Thus, keeping your outdoors both beautiful while providing space for recreational purposes for the kids is especially important.

If your home is 10 years or older, it is likely that your lawn was setup with a common type turf grass. Over-seeding can revive and strengthen the affected areas and aid your lawn to look good as new without the high cost of completely new sod.

We can enhance the lawn by planting seeds on top of your existing turf which can help filling wear spots and improve thicker growth while establishing a better grass variety, enhanced color and greater resistance to bugs and drought.

Over-seeding is best done in the fall (September) before the winter comes. It is also the best time following core aeration. If you’re having a war with unwanted weeds that keep on showing up in your lawn, over-seeding can be a solution to a lush lawn.

There are also reasons to not over-seed a lawn. With a proper lawn assessment, we can offer you the best solutions.

Start a Flower Garden with a Flower Bed

A flower garden creates a beautiful outdoor surrounding. Having one right in your yards and front porch is a wonderful way to attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies, birds and more.

JHC Landscaping will help you create a detailed landscaping plan and dig a flower bed to fit your requirements for your plants and flowers. We have the experience and tools to create a perfect flower bed.

Choosing the right site with good soil is important, hence, we will help you with improving your soil in case it needs extra care prior to setting up flowers or seeds.

There are many things to consider when creating a flower bed, such as spacing between the plants, fertilizing and more. There are also other things to consider when maintaining the flower bed, such as removing invading plants and more.

JHC Landscaping can take care of your new flower garden requests and also give you all the information and support needed to maintaining a beautiful home garden.

Our team is well equipped to undertake jobs of both residential and commercial scale, so give us a call for a free estimation and watch our mobile team will take care of your needs. You can call us at 416-779-6655 or send us an email at We look forward to your business!

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