How to Fertilize New Sod

how to fertilize new sod

Congratulations on your new lawn! The next step of your journey is to learn how to fertilize new sod. Whether you used our professional sodding services or you installed it yourself, you need to maintain your lawn properly in order to keep it green and fresh. Read on to learn the latest tips and tricks on how to fertilize new sod, and therefore how to keep your grass healthy and lush.

How long should I wait?

When you first lay down the lawn you may be tempted to fertilize it right away, but that would be a mistake. New sod needs time to establish a strong root structure to absorb nutrients. Experts recommend that you wait 6-8 weeks for this to happen, and if this process began in the winter then you should even wait until spring. If you fertilize now then the nutrients will likely just leech into the soil.

There is also a secondary reason to wait. Sod farms typically fertilize just before harvest, meaning your new lawn should not be lacking for nutrients when it is first rolled out. It is best to take things slow when you are learning how to fertilize new sod.

How To Choose a Sod Fertilizer

General recommendations for choosing a sod fertilizer are as follows:

  • Go with a slow-release fertilizer to avoid overfeeding.
  • The label of the fertilizer should have 3 numbers (like 5-14-42). The first number represents nitrogen, the second one represents phosphorous. Avoid high-nitrogen fertilizers for the first application, try to find a high-phosphorous kind instead.
  • You want approximately 1lb of nitrogen for every 1,000sqft of turf.
  • Make sure you water your lawn after application to help the fertilizer break down.
  • Your second applications of fertilizer should be another 6-8 weeks later, and it should be a high-nitrogen kind, aim for 2lb of nitrogen for every 1000sqft of turf.

Relying on Professionals

Now you have learned how to fertilize new sod! Remember, however, that every season, lawn, and type of sod is different and that may require adjustments to the above steps. You can contact the professionals at JHC Landscaping to ask any questions you have, or to hire experts to do your work for you.

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