Does Landscaping Increase Home Value?

Does landscaping add value to home? A well landscaped property can be a significant factor when it comes to increasing home value. Curb appeal makes the property easier to market when it comes time to sell, it makes the space more functional, it can improve energy efficiency, establish a calming environment.

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Curb appeal is an extremely important aspect when it comes to attracting buyers when it comes time to sell the home. In fact, homes with attractive properties fetch, on average, 7% more.

A welcoming home exterior creates positive first impressions with prospective buyers.



There is no secret that a property that has been strategically landscaped increases marketability by generating more potential buyers than a property that has not, which in turn increases your landscaping ROI.

Oftentimes real estate agents showcase impressive landscaping as a selling point, which actually leads to quicker property sales.



Functional outdoor living areas are fantastic landscaping ideas to consider when the goal is a robust return on investment. Amenities like outdoor kitchens, decks, and patios are always attractive to home buyers. Dedicated spaces for entertainment, such as an area with an outdoor speaker system, or a place to relax with a calming water feature are also good ideas.

Using landscaping to establish defined outside zones are features buyers always tend to gravitate to. Having specific areas to garden, and for recreation and play are important to consider. The more functional and usable the space is, the more potential buyers you’ll have.



Believe it or not, but a strategically landscaped property can actually improve the overall energy efficiency as a form of natural insulation. Trees or shrubs used to create shade will block the sun’s rays from shining on the home and yard, making both areas more enjoyable to be in.

Greenery to block the direct sun from shining on the windows is always a smart tactic.

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A serene and tranquil atmosphere brought about by the sound of running water thanks to water features like ponds, fountains, and waterfalls is more landscaping features that can help increase property value.

Pair this with impressively maintained greenspaces and gardens in order to inflate the perception of the home’s value.


Do I need professional help for landscaping?

A lot of landscaping work can be completed by people with green thumbs, but depending on the complexity of the project, there are times when turning to a professional landscaping company makes sense – this is because a professional company will get the job done properly and typically offer warranty on their services.

How much should I invest in landscaping to see a return on property value?

Different landscaping jobs present different returns on the investment. That said, annual mulch applications, shrub pruning, planting roughly 60 perennials or annuals, and cutting approximately 3,000 square feet of grass costs around $3,000, but offers a 100% ROI.

Can landscaping affect property appraisal?

Is landscaping a good investment? Absolutely, one mature tree can raise property value from between $1,000 – $10,000.

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Incorporating Time-Saving Features for a Low Maintenance Yard

There are lots of features that you can add to your garden that make maintenance and upkeep easier and more manageable.
An irrigation system can help keep your landscape watered and can be customized to your space and schedule.
Adding pavers and rock features reduces the amount of mowing and work required to keep your landscape looking needed and maintained.

Mulch keeps weeds away, preventing them from growing and taking over your garden.
Your landscaping expert will be able to help you find the right time-saving features to keep your garden under control.


Does landscaping increase home value? Absolutely it does. Increasing marketability, improving property functionality, creating relaxing environments, and improving energy efficiency are all byproducts of a well landscaped yard. Investing in landscaping to boost your property value typically always provides a robust ROI.