6 Tips to Choose the Best Landscape Design

Imagine a floral mixture of pale pink and sunshine yellow tulips brightening the pathway up to your home, or lush, structured fern bushes adding a cutting-edge design to your front yard. It can be easy to picture and wish for all of this. But where do you start? Continue reading to learn 6 simple tips for landscaping for beginners.

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Create a List of Landscaping Needs and Wants

Let’s cover the landscaping basics. If you remove grass to plant a garden, you can’t magically put the grass back where it was, so careful preparation is necessary. Take inventory of your lifestyle. Maybe your kids need a playground or perhaps you would like to grow fresh herbs.

Maybe you want a luscious bed of sunflowers or a sprawling spread of chicks and hens. The next step is to draw out your yard and sketch where you want things to go. This can help you visualize all the elements.

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Consider Landscaping Location

How much sun do you get? Which way does your house face? Are you covered by trees or are you in direct sun? How much wind do you get? These are all crucial questions to ask yourself.

For instance, if your backyard is windy, then you will want to make sure your fireplace is protected. Or if your front lawn gets full sun, then you should only have plants that can tolerate its rays.

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Focus on Small Projects

Simple landscape designs have a lot of value too. Starting small allows you to experiment and ensures that you have the proper vision in place.

It’s easier to redo a small project, like moving plants to a different garden than it is to fill in a pond.

Establish a Focal Point

Having a focal point in your garden will draw the eyes in, making your yard have a creative advantage to your neighbour’s.

Your focal point could be a statue, a leafy tree, a flowering tree or patterns of shrubs. You can make your focal point whatever you choose.


Work on Scale and Pacing

Scaling and pacing means balancing your landscape’s various shapes and sizes to create a cohesive look. For instance, you don’t want all the shrubs to crowd one corner — they should be evenly spaced out in a mirrored format.

Colours matter too. Colours should compliment one another, and don’t have too much of one colour. Choosing an overall vibe, such as warm and cozy or cool and calming, can help with this. 


Be Open-Minded With Landscape Design 

Sit with yourself and truly outline what is and isn’t your design preference. Your landscape should reflect you.

Your personality can evolve over time, which means you may want to make landscape changes down the road which is totally fine.

Contact the Pros

Want to skip the hassle and stress and have a luscious landscape before your eyes now? Then contact JHC Landscaping to get the ball rolling and have your plants seeded. It’s time to have the front and backyard that you’ve always dreamed of!